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Current serving Army National Guardsman, college student and Army Special Forces hopeful. I'm in the process of getting a conditional release from my unit to reenlist on active duty as an 18x and am using this repository of information to better myself before I leave for basic training(again) and SFQC.

My childhood hero was a Green Beret and I hope that when it comes time for selection that I'll measure up and be able to count myself among all of you. Thank you for providing this forum.
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Current Civilian, 18x hopeful, interested in either Active Duty or Texas National Guard. However, went to MEPS recently and was informed that my glasses prescription was too high w/o a consult/waiver (9.5 diopters in one eye).

I want to serve my nation in the highest capacity I am able and entertaining any and all advice to do so.


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I joined this forum long ago and didn't realize that I had never actually posted anything, so years later, this is my first post.

I'm not 18 series, but I spent a decent chunk of my career with group. I prefer to limit the amount of online info about me, so apologies if my "About Me" section seems sparse.
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Well, I suppose that it's high time I did this. I'm going to be entering college come fall and will be going on an AROTC scholarship. I'm also an 18A/CDQC hopeful so I figured that I would come back to this website in order to give myself a good number o years to train and prepare.
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Been a member for awhile but never posted my introduction. I served on active duty with 2ID and am currently going through the enlistment process with the national guard. Getting in shape and preparing for SFRE for 19th group this fall.
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Currently serving in the Army National Guard. I'm a recent graduate of Federal OCS and I branched Field Artillery. I'm looking to explore my options for the future and learn and read from other people about the SF experience, the training pipeline, tips, and preparation for SFAS.

I'm 27 and I graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry from a small state university. My hobbies include working on cars, learning languages (I'm functionally conversational in Russian, I'm self taught), traveling, food, cooking, and reading. I'm starting to get into guns as another hobby.

My 25m target is to improve my run times, numbers in the weight room, and pass FABOLC. My 10000m target is to focus on passing and getting selected to attend SFRE.

I'm basically going to be lurking and reading rather than posting because it will be a long time until I'm even eligible to attend SFAS/SFQC. If my mind is still focused on being SF, I will stick to it, but if a couple of years down the line, that my life priorities have changed, that's fine too, I'm open minded. Either way, I'm going to continue to PT and learn.

I have a few weaknesses and strengths that I need to play into. I need to learn to speak up more and be more assertive when in leadership roles, because I feel that I don't give off the "strong leader" vibe as a first impression. For strength wise, I consider myself more patient than most, I never quit, and I'm quite dedicated when it comes to PT.

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Hi. I'm from commie California, trying to land a REP 63 contract with 19th Group despite the fact that every recruiter wants me to go 17C. I study CS and Applied Mathematics at a two year full-time but in the coming months I'll start working as something called a penetration tester. I probably won't really post here but I fgured I might as well create an account. I also know Arabic pretty well (MSA and Levantine) if anyone has any DLI questions.
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Currently serving as a National Guard engineer officer. My current duty assignment is as a sapper platoon leader. On the civilian side I work as a strength and conditioning coach while pursuing my master's degree.

I plan to attend an SFRE with a National Guard group upon completion of my junior staff time. I feel an obligation to give back to an organization that has frankly sunk a lot of time and money into me, as well as develop an understanding of staff functions before I jump into another training pipeline.

I enjoy most outdoor activities, endurance sports, weight lifting, and reading on any subject.

25 M target is to preserve my health as I improve my fitness, and further develop my leadership abilities. I especially need to develop techniques beyond having a short term plan, putting my head down, and trucking until stuff gets done. 300 M target is to follow my strip map for not only progressing but also reconciling both my military and civilian careers.
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I am a US Army veteran. Lover of freedom. No personal experience with Special operations during service. My father was vietnam era SF trying to find information.
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I am currently a pastor and business owner about to make the shift into Active Duty Army (18x). I have found these forums to be incredibly informative and humbling. Thank you to everyone here who is willing to give us new guys some of your hard earned wisdom.

God Bless,
"We must not be too proud or too stupid to profit from our mistakes" GEN Lewis "Chesty" Puller
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Active Duty at Fort Campbell, currently working in the hospital. SFAS hopeful. Here to learn. Thankful for the opportunity to do so.

I will continue lurking...
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Rep 63 hopeful

Hello, I've been lurking on the site for a while, finally decided to register and introduce myself.

33 year old non prior service working toward a rep 63 contract with the 20th. I'm currently a defense contractor working for the DOD-Army. Looking to be part of something greater than myself, be part of what I hear is an amazing brotherhood.

I was a collegiate distance runner, so the endurance stuff comes naturally to me. Working on upper body strength, pull-ups, rope climbing, etc. Just ordered "get selected". Trying to prepare myself as best I can.

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Civilian PA-C and guardsman, here to learn.
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Intro to the Forums

27, finishing Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Pursuing an 18X contract. SF is the career field where I can offer myself as an asset to a team, whereby optimally using my mind and body. My desire is to contribute in a way that impacts change in foreign lands, on behalf of the US.

Current preparation: scouring the forum day & night; reading in an equivalent amount (books on operations, history of geographic regions, combat, leadership, mindset); learning to read and write in Arabic (beginner in Modern Standard, also peeking at Pashto); familiarizing myself of current events; learning Land Nav.

Physical Prep: building cals and endurance, 78 push ups, 60 sit ups, 16 pull-ups, 2 mi in 13:20. Currently on THOR3 14-week strength program. New to rucking (learning pace, foot-care, how to properly pack a ruck). Light swimming and water con.

Im here to be a sponge and learn from the QPs.
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Introduction: Rep 63 or JAG (20th SFG)

Hello. Currently, I am an attorney with a practice focused on serving clients in the beverage-alcohol industry. I represent breweries, distilleries, wineries, restaurants, etc.

I'm married with 3 kids (5, 3, and 1.5) and one on the way.

I am working with a 20th SFG recruiter. We are discussing the possibility of two options: 1) Rep 63 route, or 2) JAG route.

I want to go the Rep 63 route, but I am having trouble getting an age waiver (I am 37). I hope to find information regarding age waivers, among other topics, on this site.

Thank you.
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