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18A/JAG Support

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a soon to be 1L at a Florida law school, and I have full intentions to finish my three years and graduate with a J.D./M.B.A.. I have always had a desire to join the military in some capacity, but I also want to pursue a civilian career. I would consider myself physically fit (not a perfect APFT yet, but we’re getting there) and determined enough to join the SF community, but I have several concerns that I could not find concrete answers to:

1. Is it possible for 18A officers or JAGs to have a waiver for eyesight? My sight is roughly a -4.00 in both eyes, and I wear contacts. I would also assume the Army would not pay for LASIK...

2. What are the REAL odds of getting an 18A contract or being stationed with an SF unit as a JAG without any prior service? I am getting conflicting views from multiple sources that the SF community is hurting for members, yet it is near impossible to join at the officer level.

3. I would not like to relocate out of FL; I have heard that the Guard moves you where the Guard needs you if you become an officer. I understand this need, but as someone who wants to run a law firm/business, how much moving would be expected of me as an officer? And since the 20th exists across multiple states, would I be subject to being moved across state lines?

4. As a JAG, if I was positioned with an SF unit, would I need to pass any other training except Airborne and JAOBC? I know I wouldn’t be “Special Forces” unless I pass Q, but I still think it would be a great group to work with.

Thank you in advance for any advice! I may post more questions later on if they come to mind. If I can’t join SF, maybe the Space Force will be accepting JAGs soon.. hahaha
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Well for someone that wants to practice law you sure seam to not be able to read and follow basic rules.

Post an intro in the appropriate thread and fill out your profile like the email said you were supposed to.

Do not post until you have complied with the rules of the board.
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Hah, fair point. Apologies. Updated my information.
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