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Noticed this in a SOFX article.
Here is the source: http://taskandpurpose.com/motoped-su...s-forces-need/

The company: https://motoped.com/

The survival version looks intriguing.
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Mount a mini gun on the handle bars and I'll have a field day chasing hippies around the Tsali trails. In all seriousness, I heard about this outfit not too long ago. They've been converting lots of old rail road routes to green ways back in Memphis/surrounding areas.

I've been following those discussions here and there. I've seen other, more urban friendly, versions of this bike from this company mentioned in some of the discussions because they are restricting the types of motors that can be utilized, etc. Had no idea they had this type of bike, though. Pretty cool.
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That's not a bad looking rig. And the price is damn reasonable, too, considering some modern,brand name kid/family peddle-powered bicycles cost about the same. And one guy in Boulder, CO is making electric bikes that start out at $7K.
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