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Question (pre?) SOCM prep?

This is the first question I should have asked before getting distracted by all the awsome discussions on this board.


Is there any knowledge besides having A&P + pathophysiology ingrained into my skull that will put me ahead of the game in SOCM? Will the PT keep me in shape or will I have to stay up late and do extra push-ups like I'll have to in AIT? What should I emphasize my course of study on? Can you recommend any study material? I've come accross fantastic resources on this site but don't know which ones will apply down the pipeline. I'm guessing some Crics, IV's, and intubations? What are the "coloring books" everyones reffering too and where can I get them? I'm trying to prioritize what to "brush up on" (for lack of a better term). Or, to put it in a much more breif and metaphorical sense: Whats the terrian like that I'll be going over when carrying that message to Garcia? Please be specific (just pretend I'm stupid so I don't miss anything.)

(I searched for "SOCM" and "special operations combat medicine", and read all 5 pages of this forum topic including working links before posting this. If you can show me a place where all of these questions have been addressed before, give me a mailing address and I'll send you a six pack of your choice )

I've asked some of these questions on other SOF boards but I figure the more BTDT's brains I can pick the better. I want to show up as the most prepared son of b!tch the cadre ever saw.

Thank You,

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Young man:

You are getting way ahead of yourself.

You havent even finished BCT or the 68W course, or ABN, or RASP and you are worried about getting a leg up at SOCM... Nothing wrong with preparing but you have a long way to go before you have to be concerned with SOCM.

Study your EMT-B coursework (because you have already started it), A&P in detail, and do PT. You will be doing a lot more in the SOCM course than "brushing up" on anything. If you go into it with that attitude you will be in the company of the Rangers, SEALs, and SARC guys who have more recycles than they do years in the military.

I searched for "SOCM" and "special operations combat medicine", and read all 5 pages of this forum topic including working links before posting this. If you can show me a place where all of these questions have been addressed before, give me a mailing address and I'll send you a six pack of your choice...
Want me to do your course work for you as well? While not a Ranger, I am quite certain laziness and lack of attention to detail arent traits they are looking for either.

Read your PM and go do PT.
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The SOCM course is unlike one you have ever experienced. No amount of preparation, aside from medical school, will properly prepare you to be able to stay ahead of track.
The coloring books can be found by searching A&P coloring book on Amazon, probably the best way to get a leg up.
I wouldn't be concerned about learning procedures, you'll get plenty of practice on them.
Good luck and keep looking forward.
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I am in the fortunate position of having a large amount of free time before I attend the Q course as an 18d/arabic candidate. To the BTDT's: If you were to go through the course again and found yourself with about 5 months of mostly free time, what would your plan be? So far I have learned the Arabic script and am studying Rosetta stone on a daily basis in conjunction with a grammer book. I have completed the online 18d prep course and read an exercise physiology book so that I can attempt to optimize my PT.
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There's a program called Special Operations Forces Tele-training System (SOFTS).


They have a 200 hour MSA familirization program, that I found excellent, and it is likely that SWCS could get you a slot for beginner MSA on the SOFTS program itself.

Basically getting some vocab under your belt is a great next stop after REALLY learning the script.


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Pre 18D course


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Good to know Bortz, thanks for the update.

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