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Sticky rice

We started eating a lot of sticky rice around 1968. Dad would make it and we chowed it down. He loved it with every meal and I haven't been able to replicate it. I've tried a few brands . Anybody have a recipe? Thanks.
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Any sort of Asian rice at the grocery is sticky. At least the stuff I get is. Its the only style I'll eat at home (I love rice, but that's my favorite).
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Not washing the rice = more sticky

More water = more sticky

Shorter grain = more sticky
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So first, it's important to define "sticky rice," are you referring to the typical bowl served in a Japanese restaurant or Chinese place or are you referring to the dish known as "Sticky Rice" in a Thai restaurant, which requires a completely different rice and cooking method.

If you are talking about the typical Asian rice then it is a simple matter. BUY A RICE COOKER and follow the directions and you will have pretty much perfect rice. (How anyone survives without a rice cooker is beyond me!) Note that short grain rice (the stuff you tend to get in Japanese places and always in Sushi) is a bit different that long grain rice (Thai and Chinese restaurants). They have different flavors and use a different amount of water.

Wash the rice...not to clean it, but to remove the starch...this is super important with short grain rice, otherwise you will have a slimy mess.

For plain ole Japanese rice: https://www.you...e.com/watch?v=-eed1Kz-3DE

If it's just you and you don't wanna spend big $ get this rice cooker. It'll do the job fine. The company makes top line cookers, and it's easy to spend 120.00 on one of the fancier ones....
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Go to an asian market and get glutinous rice aka sweet rice and steam it in a bamboo basket that you can also get from the market. Also make sure to soak the rice in a bowl of water for at least 4 hours and wash it prior to steaming. I promise you the best sticky rice if you try it.

Edit: I usually steam for about 20 minutes then flip the rice mass in the basket and steam for 5 more minutes.

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