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off-set BUS ?

I have fold down BUS on mine ARs, but they are a pain with the different optics as they put the optics forward of where I like them.

Does any use the off-set type?

Or some other trick for the rear BUS?


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I like my BUIS just fine.

On weapons with a magnifying optic, some prefer a red dot sight on a 1:30 rail.

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I have shot with the offsets.
For me, they work great for all targets and shooting positions out to 100 - they are effective for most engagements out to 200 - they become a little shifty at 300.

If you are comfortable holding the gun at an angle, they will work better. If you are especially Uncomfortable, they will be less effective.

Again, CQB distances - awesome / everything else great to 100 / effective to 200 / shifty at 300.

It has been a few years since I used them but I am going to buy a set to mount next to a Vortex Strike Eagle.

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off-set BUS ?

holy tilted black gun batman!

What will they think of next!
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Yes I use them

I have a set of MagPul flip down 45 degrees offset BUIS. I flip them up when I am using the gun. I have a Vortex Stike Eagle 1-6x set on 4. Anything at CQB distances is engaged with the BUIS. once the distance increase I roll the gun to use the scope. I can dial up for longer range shots. I will put a 45-degree offset MRDS on the other carbine as a red dot is faster. Rolling the gun from one sight system to the other is faster than dialing the scopes power lever.

My 45-degree offset sights are zeroed at 200m I have used them to engage targets out to 400m.
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