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Military Luggage Tags

Jayson here and I am looking to put together some military type luggage tags. I have seen a number of companies who produce them. They seem to be about 2.75" wide and 6-7" long with a paracord/bungee loop on them.

From the ones I have seen - in particular Tactical Tailor - they are red/orange on one side and od/coyote/black on the other. I understand that they are to be written on with a sharpie marker too.

My question is, what information goes on each tag? Is it the traditional name, rank serial number or is one's unit go on it too? Is there set information or is it more whatever is necessary at the time the tag is being used? Please respond. Thanks.

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If traveling through airports, the tags help you identify your bags from others, all duffle bags look the same. Some airports ban those tags as the hog up the conveyor systems. I have used simple engineer tape and spray paint. Place my last name and phone number in the exterior pocket and a copy of travel orders at the very top of each duffle. If using the common black rolling suit case, find something simple which works for you. It should be your signal, not a flag for all to see.
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I started using the small 5-6 inch wire ties. You can get them at flease markets @ $ a bunch, multicolor. I loop them all over the luggage, bottom, top, wheel axels, ect. Looks like a porcupine. Additionally, they are GTG for all the little "locking" zippers.

Nothing worse than fighting the masses at an international AP, all vying for their gear and headed to customs..
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You can buy colored electrical tape pretty cheap. I wrap two colors side by side around the handles of whatever bag I'm carrying. Not super noticeable unless you're looking for it, but if you are looking for it, you can spot your bags all the way across baggage claim. And, it doesn't scream "look at me, I'm in the army, shoot me first."

Of course, if you're travelling in Danner boots, 5.11 pants, rigger belt, alpine green PCU level 5 jacket and Oakley's anyway, that last point may not be that important to you.
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Originally Posted by HardRoad View Post
Of course, if you're travelling in Danner boots, 5.11 pants, rigger belt, alpine green PCU level 5 jacket and Oakley's anyway, that last point may not be that important to you.

Just tie one of these to your bag and fly as the gray "xe"

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This one works for me:
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