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18X/REP-63 After Master's?

Good afternoon everybody. Long-time lurker, first-time poster here.

I'm about to graduate with my master's at a tier-1 university out here in Massachusetts (around December-time). The career field that I will be in can wait (privileged & grateful to graduate from this program) but IMHO it's now-or-never when it comes to me joining the military—specifically, trying out for SF. I'm considering enlisting in the NG with a REP-63 contract. I have zero interest in becoming an officer.

Not saying I'd make it through the entire pipeline but before I pull the trigger on joining & shipping to OSUT, I've got some moral considerations I'd appreciate answers to..

Informed answers would be appreciated! Though I'm majoring in something history/governance-related, I obviously don't have the practical knowledge, the experiences, or the day-to-day praxis to answer them wholly or informatively.

My intent with these questions come from introspection & whether or not I'd be doing the right thing (or on the track to doing the "right" thing). Here goes:

>I've interned during my undergrad years for a CEO who was a Army SpecOps officer.. he cherished the connections he's made through his time in but, in his words, "absolutely regrets" a lot of what he was forced to choose between when he was deployed in combat zones. My question: is US foreign policy today really about De Oppresso Liber? I absolutely admire this noble mentality: to free the oppressed. To protect those who cannot protect themselves. Stand up to the bullies. But is that what I/we'd be doing downrange?
>Individual soldier vs chain of command: how much control does one have between agency vs institution on a day-to-day basis? Let's say one was given an unconstitutional order on a fire mission to clear out a civilian Afghan village on faulty intel.. what'd be the the right thing to do and the practical scenario here?
>Will I/we be on the right side of history? e.g. Pentagon Papers.. regime change in Latin America in the the name of corporate interests.. Eisenhower's military-industrial complex warning.. etc. This is what makes me hesitate the most. But if this concern is assuaged, I'd believe much more strongly in joining.

Selfish reasons for wanting to join:

>Part of a brotherhood, that camaraderie—doing those special things with those special people within the purview of a greater mission of serving; make peace first, try peace second, door-kick if absolutely necessary is what attracts me to Army SF
>Serving the spirit of America
>Tuition assistance for an MBA
>Applied for a Naval ROTC scholarship straight out of high school, failed.. motivation re-surfacing through my studies.. it's now or never

Your input is appreciated! Anything else related to these matters is appreciated. Thank you.

EDIT: Spacing & grammar.

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