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New CF-19 image


Ok so this is where I'm at. I'm a B-team Echo. One of the issues echos in my battalion have alway had is the sompe image, regardless of taclan version. The major issue is Harris software doesn't work well with the image. This is because the image blocks all the com ports off for things like move, viasat, and pad-184.
So, I have a base windows 7 os and I am building my own image. My question to all of you commo folks out there, is what programs would you like see and would you use. If any one out there wants to get their hands on this image after I finish. I would be more then happy to clone a cf-19 hard drive for you if you send me your hard drive.
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I just came off my B tm time, and for our V- model 19s' I used the latest SOMPE image. So far we've had no issues with other echos and non-echos in the company using Harris software on them.

There is older software though on previous taclan images however that I had to dig up and asked be installed. For example the dish pointer and PDF merge.
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new TACLAN image is much more "open" and it should not block any com ports. I have loaded all the harris software on my cf19's and 52's and Dells and not had any issues. I have helped build images for several other teams, if you have questions PM me and we can talk on global chat.
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