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Originally Posted by echoes View Post
Survived Chicago! And in one piece...after my flight out from my little Airport was shut down right after takeoff for security reasons. Seems some stupid lady decided to circumvent security and board my flight with a ceremonial cake knife in her carry-on. Whoops TSA!

No-one knew until we landed and our flight was met by four barrel-chested Chicago PD, and countless TSA crazies running around shouting and holding up pictures. Comedy at it's finest!

Had a blast!

Glad you had a great time Holly! Looks chilly...LOL

I had a nice time, old town of Melbourne Florida was great. A lot of shops & a nice Irish Pub (I did not get a nice Chicago Dog @ the Hotdog place; Dang) but had a nice Espresso and Almond Tart at the French Bakery...Nice time in Vero Beach at my friends; a sweet Brewery (Orchard Island Brewery)...Ohhhhh, that nice Oktoberfest Beer and a Pig Tray LOL! No Yoga at the Beach, quite windy and rainy, and the water was a bit rough. I did get soaked watching the Surfers.....

But staying with my sister reminded me of my grandmother's; luckily they had a pool and a gym....Ha....
"OMG.....I've been played......It's time for me to fly"

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