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Let them eat cake

It’s heartwarming to know very little has changed with the English “nobility” in the last 1500 years.

Silly peasants…….

Windsor official backs homeless crackdown for royal wedding
Associated Press

January 04, 2018 09:06 AM

A political storm is brewing ahead of Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's May 19 wedding over whether to crack down on homeless people and beggars in the well-to-do English town of Windsor.
The wedding will be held at Windsor Castle, the town's most famous landmark and a favored residence of Queen Elizabeth II. It is expected to draw thousands of extra visitors to the picturesque riverside town 20 miles (32 kilometers) west of London that is already popular with international tourists.

Borough council leader Simon Dudley kicked off the controversy by tweeting over the Christmas holidays about the need to clean up Windsor's streets. He then wrote to police and Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May suggesting that action be taken to reduce the presence of beggars and the homeless.

Dudley referred to an "epidemic" of homelessness and vagrancy in Windsor and suggested many of those begging in the town are not really homeless. He said the situation presents a beautiful town in an unfavorable light.

The prime minister said Thursday she does not agree with Dudley's call for police action, emphasizing that councils like the one Dudley heads must act to help the homeless.
"I think it is important that councils work hard to ensure that they are providing accommodation for those people who are homeless," said May.

Homeless charities reacted angrily Thursday to his suggestion that homelessness should be treated as a police matter so Windsor can make a positive impression on visitors during the royal nuptials. They also rejected the assertion that Windsor's homeless were living on the streets by choice.

Greg Beales, a spokesman for Shelter, said people sleeping on the streets are in desperate need of help, particularly in winter when the weather can be dangerously cold.

"Stigmatizing or punishing them is totally counter-productive," he said.

"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where they are."
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Such a quandary, what a shame. Perhaps they could move the festivities to another locale, they do have other properties don't they?
The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.
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And yet they want to invite one of history's worst dope-smoking freeloaders, Big Zero, and his old lady, Mooch, to join in the festivities.
"It is a brave act of valor to condemn death, but where life is more terrible than death, it is then the truest valor to dare to live." -Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682)
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fucking dirty peasants...

how dare they be visible when royalty is celebrating
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Originally Posted by Box View Post
fucking dirty peasants...

how dare they be visible when royalty is celebrating
Waahahhahahahaa....sorry, that just made me spit my water....hey, the peasants could always throw horse manure at the couple...that would be some exciting news...
“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”
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