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Full 2018 Spring Training schedule
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Full 2018 Spring Training schedule

Complete schedule at link below.

Full 2018 Spring Training schedule: Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues begin Feb. 23
Opening Day will be Thursday, March 29 -- the earliest opening day in MLB history.

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Thanks Tonyz....

It's been a pretty slow and underwhelming off-season. Not sure if anyone not the Yangkees, Sox (the Red ones) and Cubs has done a whole lot. Marlins fire-sale-reboot continues...

I am interested in seeing how the free agent standoff works itself through. I think the stat/metrics camp has reset the rising cost of players. We'll see who blinks first.

At this point the local team (Orioles) has a 2-man starting rotation
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Originally Posted by Ret10Echo View Post
Thanks Tonyz....

At this point the local team (Orioles) has a 2-man starting rotation
The "O's", my local team too....LOL...maybe I can get a job this season as a "ballgirl".....P. Angelos...what a tightwad; a freakin billionaire and spends crap on his team...but he'll sue the pants off you...LOL

Hope for the best this season.....

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Cubs seemed to have focused on some pitching, Gott sei dank, (couple relief prospects and some starters), including Yu Darvish. At the moment a fair portion of their coverage is of their 1B's remarks at a prayer vigil in Parkland, FL - at the high-school Rizzo graduated from.

Spring is always a chance to look at a lineup & say, "who the hell is that?"
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