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Lockheed Martin's HULC

Below is a link to an article about Lockheed Martin's new "HULC" exoskeleton. It is suppose to make carrying heavier loads possible.

The product could be very useful, but it looks like it could hinder movement and if it were to fail, the soldier would be forced to carry the combat load plus the HULC system.

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something to replace me!?

Actually looks good but I'd like to see how it jumps. Blitzzz
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Here is a new, updated video for the HULC. It still looks weird and I can't imagine having an inch between my boots and ground. (Around 1:28)

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Wouldn't take long to get used to it. Just like it didn't take long to learn the difference between bare feet and boots. My gamer sense thinks that lag between human movement and augmented movement would be the important factor. I noticed that armor is still worn on the body, I think when the tech is ready, having the HULC carry the armor would be an additional benefit. Looks like it would be a relatively simple change. And just FYI, this isn't my lane at all, just find it interesting.

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