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ISIS Claims Copenhagen Cop Shooter

There have been other attacks we haven't posted, but just in case y'all thought Europe is all tulips and cheese there's this:

Copenhagen cop shooting: ISIS claim responsibility as manhunt continues
A HUGE manhunt has been launched after two police officers and a member of the public were shot in an ISIS-led attack in Copenhagen, Denmark.

By David Trayner & Tom Rawle / Published 2nd September 2016

A police officer suffered a head wound, another was shot in the leg and a civilian was hit in the thigh in the gunfire.

One of the officers is said to be in "mortal danger".

The neighbourhood of Christiania – where the shooting took place – was placed in lockdown.

One man was arrested in connection with the incident on Wednesday night but died in hospital today.

The shooter is still at large, according to reports.

In a statement released through its online propaganda agency, ISIS described the attacker as a "soldier of the Islamic State".

The claim remains unverified.

Witnesses reported hearing up to nine shots near Fredens Ark – the "Peace Arch" – which is the largest building in Christiania.

A huge number of police were deployed to catch the gunman – who is still at large.

Armed police have closed off the area and a huge manhunt is under way.

Locals are being told to stay away.

Copenhagen Police Commissioner Thorkild Fodge said: "We know who you are. Hand yourself in.

"We will find you."

Officers conducted five raids earlier in the evening against suspected drug dealers in the area.

At one of those properties, a man believed to be involved in the drugs trade “shot himself free”.

The suspect is described as being 25-years-old, white and 175cm tall.

Police Commissioner Fogde said: "This is very serious.

"It affects us when one of our officers is so severely and critically wounded.

"He is in mortal danger.

"There is no place in our society for a young officer in his prime to be hit in the head."

Christiania is a self-proclaimedautonomous "Freetown" – where hippies live by their own rules.

Police said the officers were shot while carrying out "routine work".

A deadly shooting took place in Copenhagen in February 2015 when ISIS-inspired terrorist Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein opened fire at a free speech rally and then outside a synagogue.

He killed two people and injured five police officers.

It emerged El-Hussain had pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
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Originally Posted by Divemaster View Post
Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous "Freetown" – where hippies live by their own rules.
Some places don't deserve law enforcement, just a large fence containing those who wish to reside inside under no established rule of law.
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I was in the Middle East last spring, and I felt safer in Gazinatep and Amman then in Copenhagen or Brussels. A bit odd? Perhaps there problem is that they have no problems.
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