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Take away, its a bitch.

It was most definitely a bitch. I started experiencing symptoms on 6 July. The first few days were rather mild, then the bottom fell out. I experienced most of the same symptoms as Penn, except for the G.I. issues. I did have significant respiratory problems. I had to make three trips to the ER for difficulty breathing. My wife is an RN and had me using a nebulizer machine with albuterol, and some steroid I can't recall of the top of my head. I made three trips to the ER for difficulty breathing. I was given oxygen and IV Decadron which helped greatly. I also took Decadron tablets for ten days after my last ER visit. I did not test negative until 25 August . I continue to have a dry cough that I did not have prior .

Six of my immediate family members also contracted the virus at the same time. Our ages range from 55 (me) down to six months. My grandbaby had a fever, was irritable for two days, and then recovered. Four of my kids, each in their 20s, experienced fever, extreme fatigue, and G.I. issues; but no respiratory issues. All were symptom free within a week. My wife tested(nasal swabs) positive three times and never had the first symptom. We had another son, his girlfriend, and a boyfriend of one of our sick daughters, all in their 20's, help as care givers. None of them contracted the virus. Crazy illness.
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Originally Posted by Penn View Post
Very Timid about what to eat.
Memory seems to be effected, temp/hope?
Maybe BRAT? Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. No COVID or any flu here but in the past this has worked for me. I have the toast dry. For some reason baked potatoes work for me as well.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.
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Originally Posted by sg1987 View Post
It was most definitely a bitch.
Holy Shiites, what a roller coaster. Thanks for sharing.

Wife has pre-history respiratory problems and does a regular duo-neb (Albuterol nebulizer in the AM). Those typically take a bit for one to see the effect, often "kickstarted" by patient taking another Rx afterward, as you mentioned the steroidal. In her case, she does her neb, followed by a specific inhaler. Now it's Spiriva that follows the nebulizer. Not an unusual regimen with someone on a nebulizer it seems.

Thing is, as a caregiver I have to be just as careful and not bring something home. But bottom line is that we haven't really taken precautions we wouldn't take if there was a serious flu season going on, including times where the little 2-legged Petri dishes have just had to stay away. Everyone still should be doing their own risk-assessment.
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Originally Posted by Penn View Post
No, no appetite, I've lost 25/30 pounds. (needed)
Today, had Bacon and over easy eggs.
1. it stayed down
2. evaced the system 1 hr later.
My meds for HBP have not been affected.
Very Timid about what to eat.
Memory seems to be effected, temp/hope?

Say Penn,
Were you doing anything as a Prophylactic before infection by any chance?? Vitamin D, HCQ, zinc??
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