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Dean Jarvis
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Recommended Reading

WE FEW U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam published 2018.

All the books I've read regarding SF in VN, approach the subject on a historical, factual and tactical level and leave out the real humor I experienced. The author, Nick Brokhausen, gives the reader a taste of what it was really like on a C&C RT and interjects the humor (some would say sick) these guys used in order to deal with the realization that the next mission could be their last.

For me, SF in VN was the Wild West. Maybe Trapper John can attest to this, but the old club we had at B-36 (this was before they built the larger one) had holes in the ceiling. When I enquired as to why all the holes I was told that is was totally acceptable to blow off steam by firing your weapon into the ceiling but then you had to buy everyone a drink. I personally walked into the club one night drunk on my ass to get another drink with my .45 in one hand. I walked up to the CSM who was playing poker at a table with some officers. I saluted him with the empty hand and with a drunken slur said: "We're killing rats Sergeant Major". He saluted me back and said "carry on carry on". After getting our drinks we walked outside and stole a 3/4 ton to spotlight the little bastards.

Anyway it's a good read and keeps you chuckling along with feeling the fear as these brave men ran with RT Habu.

Note his facial expression when he says SEALS looks like he as turrets.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like....victory!

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Thanks for the recommendation. It's downloaded and first up on my reading list.

Heroes are often the most ordinary of men. - Henry David Thoreau.
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Trapper John
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Thanks for the recommendation. I agree that the humor was an essential factor in our culture. Looking forward to the read and confirm the holes in clubhouse roof too.
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Thanks for that recommendation. I've been reading books about Special Forces since 1981 or so and I always try to keep up with new publications, but somehow I missed this one and it sounds good.

I would like to add another recommendation, if I may. It's something a lot of the QPs here probably already know about, but there may be some folks here who don't. Of all the Vietnam vets who wrote books about their experiences, I think Jim Morris is a real standout. The element of humor Dean mentions is prevalent in them, and the man can just flat-out write.

War Story was his first, and of the countless SF books I've read I'd put it in the top three. He has written a few others, and Fighting Men is another one I recommend. War Story is a single narrative about his experiences through three tours, and also the story of a Montagnard he knew who was known as Cowboy. Fighting Men is a collection of short stories, but they aren't fiction, they are his stories and those of his friends.

If anyone reading this post hasn't read Morris, do yourself a favor. Seriously. The man is a gem.
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Thanks for the tip - going on the shelf

SmileAmazon link for those who don't do Fakebook.
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