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Hello all,

My name is TC. I have been chumming around this site for a few years eating up info and researching. I am enlisted as an 18X and shipping out next year. currently live in Clarksville, TN, played football at APSU and graduated with a BBA in Marketing. Anything else y'all want to know feel free to PM me.
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Greetings QP's and fellow guests,

I have finally registered for an account here after a couple months of just browsing and reading. The site has been very imformative and I would like to thank you guys for allowing us to share this forum with you.

I have recently signed my 18x contract (ship date in 6 months ) and am anxious to begin my journey to become a part of the most important fighting force in our nation's current and future conflicts. I have been doing a lot to prepare for this training pipeline, physically and mentally. My father is a Green Beret and has served in various groups. He is very supportive and a huge help in my preperation.

Anyway, I appologize for the long post. Thanks for having me on this site. I hope to continue learning and to make a contirubtion as a member!
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Hi, I'm an EX charlie that was invited to this site from a friend of mine in group. I've been out for around 2 years now, I had an ill family member I had to tend to. Getting out was easy but being a SF guy and living out here, that's the challenge. This is a great site and I'll look forward to talking to you guys.
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Quick Intro

Hello QPs and Members

I am currently a 91B in the ARNG and have recently decided to fallow my heart and pursue a career in SF. I have always had an interest in Special Forces but chose not to pursue it when I originally signed up because of my family. It has been a choice that has bugged me since I joined.
Aftet MANY discussions with my wife she has agreed that I should pursue the SF career path. So I joined this site for the vast knowledge here and hopefully one day I can contribute to this site with my own experiences.

Thank you for allowing me to join

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Hello all. I'm a medic from 1/10. I've been their a few years now. I was invited here from a friend in Group. See you.
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Short intro

Saludos, QPs and members. My name is EPC and I'm a small business owner. I'm mainly here to read and learn, so I won't be posting much.

I'd also like to thank the QPs for running such a great site and for all of their input. I've been reading through all the different threads here for the past several months and I'm amazed at the amount of information available on not only SF, but various other subjects as well.

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My name is Grim and I'm currently a college Freshman who plans on getting his degree and enlisting via 18X or infantry. My father spends a lot of time working with Fort Bragg/Fayetteville area soldiers (Veterans Affairs), and if you have any questions regarding the VA, I'd be more then glad to answer them.

Thank you all for your service and sacrifice.
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My name is Ian. I am 28 years old and a resident of rural New Jersey. I am currently finishing my senior year of a BS in applied physics. I am looking for a career that will allow me to use my education creatively to solve problems with actual real world implications, as opposed to the primarily theoretical work most physics majors end up doing. I would also like to look back in my old age and have a few good stories and an honest belief that I made a difference. A retired army friend suggested I look into OCS, enlisting as a 21B and also Sapper school. When researching those options I discovered the existence of the x-ray program and the 18C MOS, further investigation of which brought me to this site. Ive been lurking for a few months now, but finally decided to sign up so that I might take advantage the search feature.

When I first came to this site I had questions about equipment, training, possible barriers to entry in my personal history etc. If all I got from this site were the definitive answers from QPs to those questions, it would be a great resource (and in addition to general thanks to QPs I would like to thank TR specifically for all of the stickies, those have been a gold mine). Ive learned that kit is just kit and most of that other info is available elsewhere on the net. The biggest service this site has done for me and one that is exclusive to it, has been to allow me as a civilian guest to read your stories and conversations among one another. That has been the best G2 Ive gotten, by far. Thank you all.

I have made up my mind that I would be willing to forgo a higher salary and risk my life, comfort and well being so that I may serve a cause I believe in, one greater than myself. However, I had selfishly neglected to consider the sacrifices that would be required of my immediate and extended family under even the most ideal of circumstances. One QP on this board wrote My kids are growing up without Daddy, largely, and that kills me. Wow, and I was worried about boots. That got me asking smarter questions, quick. I dont want to name the author here, given that its a very personal quote and not presented in context. But if you see this sir, I want you to know that reading of your specific sacrifice made an impact on me and I am grateful. I have also read the stories of ODAs 525 and 3336 as well as Col. Robert Howard among others.

The work QPs do (and conventional military, to those who may read this) not only grants me freedom and safety, but men like Col. Howard provide an example of personal excellence while doing it. That inspiration is not unique to military service. When I read these stories I want to be a better stock clerk, student, brother, a better person. They make me want to be someone whose freedom is worth leaving your wife and children to go defend. That is something that I can and will take with me even if I never set foot in a recruiters office. And if I do, my goal will be similar excellence, be it in a beret or otherwise.

God bless, Ian

P.S. I just proof read it and it's a little verbose for an intro, maybe even self important. That won't be a trend.
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I am a current 18x awaiting my ship date to OSUT in the coming months. I have been reading and researching on the site as I continue to train and prepare and have learned a lot from the QPs. Thanks for all you have done and I look forward to following in your footsteps.
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18C, Active 1-1 SFG(A). Great site especially the 18C section posts on what to pack out on a trip. Out
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Greetings QP's and other military and non-military members of ProfessionalSoldiers.com!

I am not a new member, but I have been away for quite some time; so I figured I would re-introduce myself.

My name is Joe, I am a recent college grad out of Central MA. I have wanted to be a Green Beret for several years now and I am currently working my hardest towards getting in the appropriate shape for such a demanding training pipeline. I I am glad to be back and can't wait to continue learning all that I can!

To those QP's and military members...a very sincere thank you for your dedicated service to this country!
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Good morning to all.

A former Marine, current Army reservist in the field of Psychological Operations. I'm also a Fire Fighter/EMT. I came here hoping to glean off of the wealth of knowledge that resides in the minds of such exceptional Warriors. I'm currently waiting for my unit to process my DD368 so that I can move onto Active Army and try my hand at Selection.
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I've been a member here for a couple of years, and thought it was time to post an introduction. I served in the IDF Armored Corps during our war with Lebanon in the '80's, first as a gunner in a Merk II, then as a Tank Commander in same. I continue to serve in Reserves.
I appreciate the opportunity to be here, and thank you all for your service.
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Thank you for having me. I've been visiting the site for close to a year now, reading and absorbing as much as possible. The information I've had access to here has been invaluable.

I've recently enlisted in the MA ARNG (18x) and I'm eager to begin my career in the United States Army.

Once again, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn from the various members here and hope to join the ranks of the QP in the not so distant future.
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Smile Greetings from Rachane

Respectful Greetings! I am a LTC, USA-Ret who has spent most of my career in the somewhat obscure position of "Politico-Military Affairs Officer" (PSSI 48G). Thus I spent time as a FAO with NATO, an attach, and with agencies such as USIA (now part of DOS), DOS, CIA, DIA. Pretty much chewed up & spit out by Bragg: SF, CA, PSYOP, & FAO. Did a year in Vietnam 1969-70, all over IIICTZ & elsewhere, wondering why the buttons on the front of my jungle fatigues kept me so far off the ground when things got noisy. Looking for a change of pace from all this Spook stuff, went through Space Intelligence training with the USAF in 1990 and spent my last 4 years as one of the Army's first space officers at HQ USSPACECOM, Peterson AFB & Cheyenne Mountain - which would have been a peaceful place to work except for the occasional ruckus from the Stargate downstairs.

I admire everything I've seen on "Professional Soldiers", and appreciate the opportunity to both learn and contribute.
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