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Originally Posted by Noslack71 View Post
Prior to the creation of the Department of Education in 1979, US high school students consistenly (1969- 1980) ranked in the top ten when compared to other industrialized nations. Today, our students rank somewhere between 19-22.The teachers union is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party. IMO it is madness give any political party dominion over the education of our children. IMO, it appears that our children are being taught what to think vs how to think. We are seeing the results with Antifa, Democratic Socialists, et al.
If given the choice I would designate the Department of Indoctrination...Education as the first to be abolished with all monies and control returned to the state and local level.
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Originally Posted by WarriorDiplomat View Post
As a SF soldier I feel like I have some thick skin but.......words have meanings and should have consequences....I will explain the additional caveat to free speech

I have been on a binge lately watching ANTIFA snowflakes getting destroyed by an INFOWARS guy named Owen Shroyer...absolutely epic destruction and exposure of liberal leftards lunacy

The videos are classicly hilarious watching Shroyer ask questions and back his information with facts (I have fact checked him he is on it) and offer the lefties a chance to substantiate their argument on his platform when the lefties make generalized accusations he offers them the platform to further their protest cause with facts and simply asks them to present an example......of course few if any have any and simply lose their minds with the mind grenades he throws after he has pulled the pin.....IMO after watching many videos he will listen to reasonable debate and offers the lefty a platform to further their protest.....the responses he gets are amazingly ignorant and hilarious but sad as well.

Yes I know what INFOWARS is and Alex Jones conspiracies can be out there but this guy is amazing at drawing out the irrationality of the left. We all know that he is going to have a conservative view but his job as a partisan is to highlight the other side. I have yet to see him cowl down and is willing to discuss rationally the point if their is one. Their are some gold for conservatives who have watched some of these protests the funny is when he ferrets out professors but he makes a point of how sad the state of higher education is in America especially when he runs across educators who are involved.

The revision is this IMO if a snowflake can get in your face and call you every name in the book unprovoked and threaten etc....to a certain extent the one being verbally assaulted should reserve the right to beat the ever living piss out of the verbal assaulter.....the dishonesty in these protests are not just the intolerance but the hypocrisy of ANTIFA protesters for example to say things they would never say without the LEO protection that is their to keep it peaceful as they can....the same LEO they are protesting LOLOL.....I say an FU or go F yourself is worthy of a few SERE slaps in retaliation it worked for my Mother when I got caught talking like that.

The old stick and stones saying is not and never has been true anywhere in the world....words have meanings and do hurt people.....to be verbally abused in the era of bullying being defined additionally beyonf physical as verbal intimidation or internet stalking as having negative consequences then so should the same go for a politically opposed a-hole....I can ignore alot of stuff but the venom some of these people spew would challenge Job to keep his cool.
Things don't look good for freedom of speech. Big Tech is currently in the process of eliminating AJ, Knight and Shroyer from the internet. I wonder who will be next on their list. 100+ papers are colliding against Trump. Michael Moore says Trump will be the last President.

Could it be America's version of the Arab Spring is just over the horizon? Civil Unrest, Stock Market crash, Censorship. Whatever is up, I am betting on a massive climax in November.
When a man dies, if nothing is written, he is soon forgotten.
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