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Thanks TR and MAB32,

This should end a lot of discussions of Gun-shop lore. I've been to the sandbox and never experienced the ill effects that seem to perpetuate the myth of 5.56mm lackluster performance. MAB32's description makes me think graphically. Kinda like the opening scene to Lord of War, life of one 7.62 round. I get the gun-shop commando that read too much and talks as if they've actually squeezed the round off into the person themselves.
Makes me want to ask what their experiences were on the 2 way range. I get all types.

I think the inadequate performance myth is rampant because this generations lack of real experience with shooting. They see Hokeywoods version of a 9mm throwing bad-guy A into a plate glass window, and the 5.56mm throwing bad-guy B down on the 20th round he absorbs.

I grew up hunting and can say that watching prairie dogs go to pieces close and stay together out longer distances made me understand a little more about how velocity and mass work.

I help my brother reload (I'm cheap, he's got the equip) .223, .243and 22-250 for our annual prarie dog excursion. There's a company that sells a tool to make your own.

Thanks again fellas

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