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Originally Posted by Hawkdriver View Post
Just want to drop in and say thanks to 7th GRP guys. From JOTC at Sherman in 97 to Afghanistan in 07, I have always enjoyed working with and training with/ from y'all.
Was at Sherman doing some Jungle and MAROPS training with a couple Teams in '97/'98 along with TF 160 and SBU 22 (I can't remember the exact month/year). It was great... no B Tm supervision (can you imagine that now?). Still a US Army base, but in the process of shutting out the lights. Not a ghost town, but almost. The club was downstairs from our barracks and was still open but not too late due to no crowd... Can't remember much, other than the big Soberanas.

... Black Palm, Howler Monkeys and sitting in the Jungle at night in the rain...not being able to see my hand in front of my face and being as cold as I have ever been.

Good times.
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