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Humeral Head Resurfacing

Been seeing a shoulder doc for close to a year now. My first visit he looked at my
X-ray and said that it was to the point that insurance would approve of a shoulder replacement, but with that being said he told me that I was too young and too active for such a procedure. We settled on an injection every 3 months which worked for 6 months. The last injection lasted less than two months, the problem is worse at night when I lay down and It has been a long time since I have had a decent nights sleep.

At my last visit we discussed my options and he told me about getting the humeral resurfaced. As it is my desire to remain somewhat physical for at least the next ten years it strikes me as a viable option.I am scheduled to have it done next Friday. Have any of you had any personal experience with such a procedure? From the reports I read on line it seems to garner positive results.
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