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Originally Posted by Eagle5US View Post
By 2020 that is correct...Master's will be the "norm".

With more than 350 programs nationwide, the larger university programs have already made the transition. Many of the smaller, state / community based schools are holding back on the requirement in order to encourage enrollment in their programs.

There was a lecture on this "trend" at a conference I attended in November last year; basically how we were schooling ourselves out of a salary by flooding the market, and how the trend will eventually progress to a doctoral requirement over the next 25years...thus discouraging participation in the career field with a "pay / education disparity".

After being a PA for 15yrs, I can easily see where this could be the case. Stuff to think about....
Eagle, let me show you the future as I know it. The AANA Council on Accreditation has allowed CRNA programs to be opened on every street corner, particularly in the Southeast. And has allowed existing programs to increase the number of grads that they crank out annually by multiples of 2-4. In my state, the market is so flooded that new grads are working as regular RNs in PACU and ICU just like they did before going to CRNA school. Except they now owe $140-200K in student loans.

As of this past Aug., all the CRNA programs have been mandated by the AANA to become doctoral programs, nine months longer and cost more. Yet the difference between the phD and MS and BS programs strictly lie in... doing research papers. Not clinical requirements. Indeed, the newer grads are even less clinically competent than prior grads due to increased competition for cases in the clinical sites.

Driving down salaries??? I have received a $60,000 a year pay cut in two years and make what a new grad does , because if I won't a new grad will. And I'm off to ICU.

Who benefits from this trend to puppy mills? The AANA, universities and program directors. Who loses? CRNAs across the board and patients, who are getting less competent new grads.

Am I bitter? F**k yeah!
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