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Your profile says 1st Bn., 3d Mar Div. You left something out- what regiment? One thing that you need to accept and that is that you are and will always be a "Jarhead." Just laugh and roll with it. Otherwise, you've already lost the war.[/QUOTE]

I was 1st BN 3rd Reg, 3rd MARDIV....I know I ll be a "Jarhead"...I have the giant EGA stupid stamped on my arm to remind me if I ever forget. I grew up in the Army, and Am I actually in Fayetteville. I graduated from Methodist University. I also did 3 years of Army ROTC. So, hopefully I ve broken some of the major Jarheadness....I never say Oorah and only occasionally look for "go fasters" and let a out a disgruntled "yut"
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