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We have several MK-17's assigned to the team. We carry a mixture of MK-17 (short), M4 (10''), M240 and M249, all suppressed except the 240. Most of the time we drop the 240 and just carry the 249. We put the 6x ELCANs with a doctor sight on the SCARs and use them for a long range fires capability when we don't have a dedicated sniper system / SO position for the mission. We can consistently hit out to 1k meters with them, although you're lobbing that round in there at that range. The ELCAN also gives us good PID capability that the EOTECHs on the M4's can't provide. From my perspective, here is rundown on the SCAR:

-Longer range due to combo of 7.62 and optic
-Heavier stopping / destructive power

-Ammo capacity
-With suppressor, its pretty long, even with the short barrels
-Ergonomics different from M4-style weapons (re-training IADs)
-Heavier weight requirement with basic load

Bottom line: I think they have their place, but we wouldn't want to give up all our M4's for them.
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