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Eagle5US and Beef:

Thank you for the well wishes! Its quite a process, but very well worth the effort!

I actually submitted applications to 13 programs, including IPAP, and tried to vary it up between types of schools. Some were probably long shots, but I figured I didnt know what "flavor" they are looking for, so why not?

As it stands right now, I accepted a spot at NOVA Southeastern-Fort Myers for the June class. That basically gave me some insurance while I await responses from other programs. I literally just received word today that I am 2nd on the waitlist for the April IPAP class. Also, I have an interview at Emory University next month.

The IPAP result was kind of a bummer, I have to admit. However, I am now awaiting confirmation from the recuriter that I can re-apply next round (maybe someone here would know?) and I'll give it one more shot.

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