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Originally posted by Hognose
B 1/11 SF 1988-91 (Newburgh, NY)
A 1/11 SF 1992-94 (Ft. Devens)

"Survivors" of the Les Aspin/Clinton cutback wound up as a provisional D company in 1/20. At the end of 12 months, 1/20 reverted to 3 companies and the one with the lowest MOSQ was erased from the board.

Thank you Mr Clinton.

Sat out DS in Norway. We in 11th watched 20th struggling to "certify" in what was the active army's version of an old Jim Crow literacy test fo' colored folk. (If he reads the paper in English, give him one in Chinese... whatever it takes to make the "n-word" flunk). The whole army was running scared with the cuts coming on, that it wasn't going to let any Guard or Reserve combat units go forward (and it didn't). Boy, did we resent the "n-word" vibe we got from the active groups, then.

Aspin, not being the military genius he thought he was, believed that the "certification" and "inspection" results from DS/DS for the guard and reserve were actual, objective reports.

Anybody know where he's buried? I'd like to piss on his grave. We could definitely use two more SF groups right now.
Here you

Les Aspin
AKA Leslie Aspin, Jr.

Born: 21-Jul-1938
Birthplace: Milwaukee, WI
Died: 21-May-1995
Location of death: Georgetown University Medican Center, Washington, DC
Cause of death: Stroke
Remains: Buried, Wisconsin Memorial Park Cemetery, Brookfield, WI
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