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They were all fine guys. The "class clown" on the team was SSG Herbert. He, like me, was from Louisiana (a cajun) so the correct pronunciation of his name was "A-Bear."

He would always try and come up with some excuse not to go to the woods, so the standing joke was:

Q. "Does a bear shit in the woods?"
A. "No, cause "A-Bear" don't go to the woods!"

For those who appreciate cajun language and grammar, here's another:

A New Orleans teacher is testing her students.

Teacher: "Boudreaux, what dat Dan'l Boone kill hisself?"

Boudreux: "Teacha, dat Dan'l Boone kill hisself a Cajun!"

Teacher: "No No, Dan'l Boone kill hisself a bear."

Boudreux: "Well den, if Herbert ain't Cajun, what he are!?"
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