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Yeah, I need to call Ebay and get them to pull those listings. Just from looking at the pics alone, with the sporks, their execution is poor, and even if they had my logos on them, I could spot the differences right away.

I foresaw the day when this was going to happen, so I keep an extensive photo archive of everything that leaves the shop, in addition to my spreadsheets that I use to track output. And I have devised a system of hidden proof marks that go on different stuff. In most cases, at least with blades, I can give you the "born on" date down to the hour. And you can always send a blade in for authenticity verification. I can usually do that just from pics, but it's a lot easier if I have the actual specimen in hand.

You know, it's pretty stupid. If the Chinese would just stop ripping off other people's IP and expend the energy that they use making rip-offs to come up with their own designs, they could really make some quality stuff. My patterns that Boker is licensed to produce are made in Asia, and they are doing a really good job on them. So clearly, the Chinese are capable of doing good work. Why they persist in playing the rip-off game, I will never know. It defies logic.

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DJ hit the big time..... the Chinese are pirating his sporks... his knives are next...

I guess I need to save pennies and buy an axe or something from him... before I can't be sure it's not a Chines knockoff, my spork is never very far away and it was sent directly from the man himself.
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