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Originally Posted by Team Sergeant View Post
I might be a little crazy, but if I brewed beer my "experts" would be my customers........

The gods truth, the wine industry only has sommeliers because 50-75% of the wealthy consumers are idiots and need to be told what is "good".

Same goes for mustard, tea, beer and olive oil......

Check out food "critics", most are clueless idiots most of them would not know the difference between a tampon and a tapenade, yet they have "jobs" telling folks how good or how bad someone's food is..... and again, my customers would be my critics and my "experts"......

Then again they may have something cause we've become a nation of idiots.....

We have a celebrity chef down here named Al Brown who's been tied in with a "Made to Match" website for helping people match beer with food:

They do the odd TV commercial pairing up a main meal food dish with a beer.

We're a small market, so it's hard for our "celebrities" to live off just the TV appearance fees alone, they've got to do the actual "hard yards" in their own kitchens too.

Nothing pretentious, they just seem to be trying to help folks match a good beer with a good home cooked meal. I think it works pretty well without the pretentiousness that seems to surround food at times with silly elitist foodie class structures.

I'd rather have a BBQ at a mate's place who really enjoys trying to put on the best meal for his guests than some kabuki food theatre.

I don't think I've ever eaten at a restaurant with a full time sommelier.

If I unknowingly did, they probably gave me a wide berth sensing my wallet doesn't open up for silliness(which I assume includes hefty commissions for pushing the pricey stuff).

The only time I ever order wine in a restaurant is if it's red and cheap to go with a good venison steak.


There is one expert grouping that I think is absolutely necessary for health and safety:

Hot Sauce Subject Matter Experts

It would have been nice to have one around the first time I had some ghost pepper sauce.

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