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Greetings everyone,

It is a pleasure to connect with you all and an honor to potentially participate in the discourse and exchange of information facilitated by this outstanding platform. I am 29 years old and live in Miami Beach, Florida. I am married with a 20 month old son and my wife and I are expecting to welcome another baby boy to the family in May of this year. I have a bachelors degree in International Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami, an MBA from Nova Southeastern University, and a Law Degree from Nova Southeastern University. After practicing corporate law for 3 years at a large firm in Coral Gables I left to start my own law firm. My firm, which has been in business for almost three years and has 15 employees, focuses on international corporate law. My grandfather served as an enlisted infantryman in the Marine Corps during which time he fought in WWII, and later joined the Navy as an officer and served in the Korean War. I have always had a strong desire to serve and knew I would do so. However, I took an alternative path insofar as I chose to knock out my educational and business goals first, start and family, and then shift my focus to serving in the military. I speak Spanish fluently (both spoken and written), and am proficient in French, Hebrew, German, and Bulgarian (only spoken). I recently enlisted in the National Guard as an 11B. This MOS choice, and the choice to enlist rather that go the Officer route, was not understood or very well recieved by the various recruiters I dealt with along the way. However, I have always learned every job I have ever done from the ground up, starting with the fundamentals. I felt that the same should apply with respect to my career as a soldier and given my “white collar” career background I believe putting in time and paying my dues as a grunt will not only serve this purpose, but should give me a more comprehensive understanding of how the Army functions as an organization in general as my career progresses with the Army. My ultimate goal is to take the necessary steps at some point during the latter half of my initial 4 year contract to attend SFAS, and the Q Course subsequent thereto. I am extremely aware of the importance of focusing on my 5 meter target, but I always plan multiple steps ahead. I am just wired that way, and this is what allows me to determine what my short term goal, or 5 meter target, needs to be today. I also am aware that I am almost 30 and not getting any younger, but My diet and PT routine will keep me sharp and competing with the young guys for as long as it takes. I look forward to speaking with some QP's and hopefully getting some valuable advice through my journey. I also welcome the opportunity to gain more insight into the SF world and community. I greatly appreciate those who take the time to operate and administer this site, and the QP's for their invaluable contributions to the platform. This site is truly the holy grail for individuals such as myself and it is a privilidge to be a part of it. In the event I am able to add value and contribute to any of the forums based on my own professional experience and background, to the extent same is relevant, I will absolutely do so.
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