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Originally Posted by Greenhat
Not my experience. And the ROTC detachment I was at sent more cadets to Ranger School than any other ROTC detachment in the nation during the 3 years period that it was open while I was a cadet (the opportunity was closed just before I would have attended along with 3 other cadets). Not one of the BGSU graduates was a yeller. And those who failed were pretty good leaders as well. One of the graduates even became a Chaplin.
That is good to hear. But when I walked the lanes with them and saw the adjustments required to the program, regardless of what you think was produced it was not the same as a troop that wentthrough the regular program. One of the reasons why it was closed was my after action report to the ROTC folks which was substantiated by others that had observed the same problems. So if you missed out as a ROTC cadet quess you can blame me and a host of others that did not share your experience.
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