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Great video/lesson. I am not, and have never served in an SOF unit, but I did deploy, and I did/do have some issues afterward. Call me a bitch, pussy whatever, but I sought help after I ETS'd. I never saw combat. My day was filled with boring BS fixing guns for the fine warriors that tread outside the wire daily to ensure OUR safety. My particular issue was/is with panic attacks. Apparently it's genetic, but it decided to show it's horrid face when we got mortared/rocketed one particular time. Bad time to have one as I'm sure anyone who has ever experienced one will know.

They got more frequent after I returned home and found myself in a situation where crowds were involved (walmart, grocery store, etc.). My wife had enough, and I had enough, so I went to the VA. The gentleman in the video was right. There are more doc's waiting to help you than there is Soldiers to see. I sought treatment, and it does help. I cannot imagine being in the shoes of an SOF let alone SF Soldier who has been in rotation after rotation, mission after mission. There HAS to be some side effect. I will continue to pray for you all, and if you feel something isn't right, just get 'er checked out. Can't hurt.
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