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5th SFG(A) mid '80s

Badge Bob or Boyscout Bob - A Bn XO who attended many different schools and proudly wore all of the badges on his OG-107s.

Elvis - A Bn CSM who bore a strong resemblence to the late star. Used to wear his borderline unregulation black hair in a large pomp.

One ball Willy - A Co SGM who lost part of his anatomy in Viet Nam.

Pappy J. - An old Group S-3 SGM who when in civies always wore large suspenders and was a murderer on a pool table.

Duran Duran - An 18A who had a last name that was very similiar to a name used by an '80s pop group.

Ernie - An African-American S-4 senior NCO who shaved his head and looked a lot like professional boxer Ernie Shavers.

Stickman - A senior 18E who was tall and extremely skinny. Was a very good commo man by the way.

Cheech - A Mexican-American senior 18B who looked like commedian Cheech Marin.

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