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Corrected Phone / Recruiting info for C 1/20

C 1/20 SF remains in Springfield MA. The unit is in the Massachusetts National Guard but has members from eight to ten states at any given time. Unit is generally at or near full strength but owing to retirements, etc., there is always room for one more qualified SF trooper.

UPDATE 5/2008: There are openings for all specialties, officer and enlisted.

There is also an active program for selecting and training young men who are now in the Guard or Reserve. They have had a very good pass ratio at both SFAS and SFQC because they carefully select and prepare their candidates. They don't just throw a lot of bodies into the sausage grinder in hope enough sausages come out.

Exceptional Rep 63 candidates (Guard equivalent of the 18X program) are considered. One of the company's Rep 63s was distinguished grad of the course before serving creditably in combat.

Normal duty is one weekend (Friday night to Sunday night) a month and one three-week Annual Training. Additional training opportunities exist, and there is always a chance of a combat deployment. First Battalion, including C Co., has already been deployed once since the start of the war (UPDATE 5/2008: C Co. has also deployed under an active duty SF battalion).

UPDATE 5/2008: If you are on active duty and getting out, even if you're SF, the in-service recruiters will not be able to put you into this, or just about any, Guard SF unit. His computer will show zero empty slots. Two reasons: OPSEC, and (perhaps more important) to keep in-service recruiters from airdropping guys with a bad reputation or wrong qualifications. Contact the unit, if you're SF and not a bum, there will be a slot for you.

UPDATE 5/2008: New Numbers. Interested personnel may call one of these numbers:

(413) 737-7941
(413) 737-7943
(413) 737-0951
(413) 737-7942

These are direct numbers. Speak to the NCO that answers or leave a message. Be organised and brief as anyone on any of these lines is extremely busy. Your reputation begins on first contact.

You can try calling through the MAARNG switchboard, 888 301-3103 extensions same as the last four of each phone number above. [Can't dial 800 numbers? 508-233-7941, etc., is the toll number]. However, the MAARNG switchboard phones are poorly maintained and unreliable. Expect frustrating audio cutouts.

If you are not SF Qualified, expect a referral to an SF Recruiter in the MA ARNG. That man works intimately with C-1-20 in developing new talent, you are not being blown off. (UPDATE 5/2008: the SF recruiter is currently SFC Dan Fennyery [say "FENN-er-ee"], (413) 246-9329).

If you are SF Qualified, expect to be scheduled for a CO/SGM interview; normally NCOs will see the Sergeant Major and officers the Commander, but that may vary. You may face a number of people, not just one.

Fax number is (508) 233-7970. Better to phone than fax on first contact, unless you can't help it.

Under most circumstances, even when the unit is deployed, on annual training, or otherwise offsite, those numbers will be answered during duty hours (Tue-Fri) by an SF qualified NCO who is a member of the unit. He will be able to answer most reasonable questions.

There are two hurdles for an interested candidate to pass. One is SFOP, the SF Orientation Program which is conducted semiannually (that's twice a year, in April and October). The other is an interview with the CO (officers) or sergeant major (NCOs). In practice they may jointly interview a candidate. The candidate may interview first or do SFOP first. A letter of instruction and packing list is provided to all who plan to attend SFOP.

Soldiers who have completed SFAS and have been selected need not do SFOP.

UPDATE 5/2008: You need not be in any particular service to attend SFOP, but you do have to be in the service. We have accepted sailors, marines and airmen as well as soldiers. The Guard recruiters can put prior service members on a one year "Try One" contract. If you served in the USN or USAF you must complete the Warrior Transition Course first thing, and if your service in the USMC or Army ended some years ago you may also have to attend this course.

Regardless of their background, non-qualified individuals who are selected will have to spend significant time on active duty to complete Special Forces qualification. "There is no royal road to mathematics," and no short cut to the green beret (and the tab... and the way cool Yarborough Knife... and the chance to serve with people so high-quality you will burst with pride to be one of them).

Oh, yeah, you get the chance to serve your country, and maybe even change the world. Some of us have been able to live the motto, De Oppresso Liber.


PS: the other companies of 1/20 are looking for some good men down in Alabama and the surrounding states. 2/20 and 3/20 are based in MS and FL. And 19th is all over the Western US. You might have an SF Guard unit closer than you think.

UPDATE 5/2008: I do not check this board as often as I might, and so PMs may go unread for months at a time. Sorry 'bout that. I've just updated this contact info and will try to keep major changes current, but can't guarantee anything.

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