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Originally Posted by (1VB)compforce View Post
They (JIEDDO) sent a couple of people out to show us how to use the tools to the greatest effect. If you're battalion level or higher S2, it's worth making the ask. I don't have any experience with the Fox side of things and don't know if they would send someone for a Company or Team level. There are some additional capabilities beyond the base products that we wouldn't have known about without the instruction. Also, despite the name, they will develop new products for anyone in SOCOM even if not directly IED related.
1VB - Yes Joint Improvised -threat Defeat Agency (JIDA), formerly known as Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO)-Counter-IED Operations/Intelligence Integration Center (COIC); will send an MTT to any level that request for the training. More over, if your unit will fund the TDY they will send someone or a Team.

As far as the non IED Related RFS or studies, yes 7th Group request a lot of non IED related RFS Products. Some great Deep Dives that are 60 and 90 days out "Latest Time Information Is of Value" (LTOV).

One team that JIDA does not have anymore is their Joint Expeditionary Team (JET), that were sent to home station or to deployed units, to assist and mentor units conducting offensive operations to proactively find, disrupt, and defeat IED networks; integrate and employ materiel and non-materiel solutions to detect and neutralize IEDs or mitigate their effects; and collect, analyze, and disseminate lessons learned and best practices observed during embedded operations to enhance combat unit proficiency in C-IED tactics, techniques, and procedures. Most were 18 Series, SEALS, or CAG guys; sad to see them go away.
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