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COIC Red Teams

Everyone thinks JIEDDO/COIC for their RFS production as far as looking at a IED Network. Most don't know about JIEDDO's "Red Team's."

One thing I've used COIC Red Teams to "See" what an enemy is doing a area. The RED TEAMS do assessments of what "WE" would do if "WE" were the ENEMY. SO if you are going into a Area, say inside ISIL Controlled area or a "NEW" Country, say in Africa. You find your Intel gaps, and submit a request for a RED TEAM Assessment.

They will look at your enemy's Desired End-State, Objective and Strategies for a given are that you are wanting to be looked at. I would even say, find an old Red Team Assessment and call them up and tell them what you are wanting and the COIC Red Team cell will help you formulate your RFS.

Search SIPR for "COIC Red Team Methodology." you can find what they do and submit a request for discovery.
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