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Originally Posted by lindy View Post
With COIC-type information or just in general?

Even better!
Yeap.. go figure, It's JWICS!! on the Voltron home page look for the top banners for "instructional" Documents. Typically a PDF of Ppt shows. With "REACH" you can do a lot, and it's WAY Easier.

Also on both SIPR and JWICS, search for NRO's "FADE," really good "How to videos" on their page. You can, and I say you SHOULD, request a FADE MTT to come teach you for a week on FADE.

On No Such Agency, they really only play well with Christian IMO. In the IC, it's as with everything, it's all about funding. Whole produces more, gets more money! As with Interagency TF, they are only SO good at working together IMO.
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