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I will say this, all the ANTS Tools have detail description on how to use. Every Tools have a GREAT USER GUIDE Handbook that are easy, IMO< to follow along. The ANTS Helps desk will typically email you back the same day and will even ask to call you to help you out.

I've see a PFC 35F use these tool and never told anyone about them after I should him the Search, Horizon and Catapult Feed Generator tools. He was a "ROCK STAR" in the eyes of everyone.

I will throw this out there too. If you ever send a RFS to JIEDDO (COIC), or any Agencies, think about the problem set and how long it will take you, yourself, to get the data and then analysis it. It takes around 5 to 7 days for any agency to proof read (1-2 Days), Review (1-2 Days) and have their Foreign Disclosure Office (FDO) (1-2 Days) to approve it for release. So do the math and add that to your LTOV NLT DTG.

If you are going at the Top Secret level (SI), Look towards your Group SIGO at the Group S2 and S6 sections. They can help you out sometimes faster. No Such Agency doesn't play well with others!! Coming from a USSOCOM Units, you get better results sometimes.
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