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At 1-10, my detachment E7 18F had a pretty good stutter. Never impacted his performance. He'd stuttered all his life. This was back in the mid 80's.

At K2 (Uzbekistan), there was a guard bunker on top of the berm directly adjacent to my tent. Just a few meters away. A young USMC NCO often pulled night sentry duty there. He had a raging case of both stuttering & Tourette Syndrome. Given to barking out all manner of uncontrolled profanities at random times. After awhile, I slept through it because I at least knew he was wide awake and watching his sector.

Lots of famous and successful folks are/were stutterers. Winston Churchill. Former VP Joe Biden. USAF BG (Ret) & actor Jimmie Stewart. Renowned stage/film star James Earl Jones. Throw those names at anyone who argues the point.

If your case is mild, I wouldn't expect it to be a show stopper and the waiver would likely be pretty simple to approve (if needed).

I've had guys on teams who could barely speak coherently in public... and they didn't have a stutter. Not unintelligent, just limited in their command of the English language and their ability to speak in front of others. Worse than stuttering actually.

Good luck.

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