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Originally Posted by Talo View Post
First off thanks for posting this thread I enjoyed reading it.

Second, excuse me if this is a little off topic and I may be mistaken but could you please explain why you are inferring that history is a form of brainwashing or just a time filler? I personally find history inspiring (Alexander the Great, Spartans, Rome, feudal Japan etc.) as well as useful for providing context for what's going on in the world. It's interesting to see how world events have led up to where we are today.

I largely agree with you on the state of the United States education system but I see no need to give history a worse reputation than it already has lol.

Maybe I'm just misreading what you're saying but I'm curious as to what your thoughts are.


I am a study of history I believe in the saying that those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. The problem with history is unlike science which is based off available hard tangible evidence history is based off a tiny viewpoint of what happened.

A Math problem is an absolute for the most part their is no question that 2+2=4. History on the other hand is arbitrary and slanted, who decides what history will be taught? Not you or I make that decision, it is some bureaucrat and you and I have no say over our understanding of how America was built they do.

You just have to be read enough to put some measure of balance to it so it makes more sense. What you need to be taught about history is this, there are more than just our point of view and experience, the victors do write history but it does not mean it is true. History is not fact it is a story put together by another historian based off the available information and his/hers personal beliefs and how they interpret it. Historians routinely make assumptions to fill in gaps that cannot be substantiated.

Case in Point the story of Spartacus and the third slave rebellion was not recorded until a hundred years after the rebellion ended and their is no proof that their was a central leader only a story that was passed down til someone put it in writing.

Looking at my kids history books there are glaring differences in what different states and school systems accept as history.

There is an interesting book I read called the "ghosts of the zahara" it talks about white slavery in Africa, according to some their were more white slaves in Africa than there were ever black slaves in the U.S. Have you ever heard of this being taught in our schools? if it was there would be some balance to what is actually taught wouldn't there. I was taught that Europeans went to Africa and captured Africans and brought them here. Then I read in Africa no less how the stronger tribes captured and enslaved weaker tribes and then sold or traded them to Europeans.

Even the bible cannot decide on its history in the Vatican their are something like over 50 gospels in their original languages the church chose to only have 4. Who decided this?

Even what USAJFKSWCS has a version of history that does not match up with the recorded events of how SF was formed and what our lineage is.

There are lessons to be learned but history is a touchy subject that can create tension between social groups and comes with great responsibility because it is not now nor has it ever been true.

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