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Originally Posted by WarriorDiplomat View Post
MG their is an old saying that is everything you ever need to learn to be a success was learned in primary school the Reading, writing and arithmetic are the only true enablers taught in school the rest is brainwashing crap like history and all the other time fillers.

Why is America failing in education? because we are not providing opportunities to learn we are forcing them to learn what the schools says they need which does not fit into our reality. This does not require discernment or critical thinking and it is slowly being taught out of our children.

In SF the basic 3 phases of the Q are the only things you need to know to be successful as a GB for ANY mission you do in the regiment. The sad thing is watching the GB mill here teach things in detail bypassing the experience that is needed to truly understand it.

I've been exploring the potential of the following for both my own kids and the soldiers I train/assess:

Just go put onto it recently.
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