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Originally Posted by WarriorDiplomat View Post

These are observations I have made, take heed and adjust accordingly if applicable.

Many of us career GB's are passionate true believers, we want the best soldiers for the Regiment we are not out to get soldiers we want the talents and skills you bring. Understand we are here to select, train and assess attributes and skills that are either suitable or not suitable for Special Forces, our loyalty is to the Special Forces.

There are realities you must face such as those that are here for the wrong reason. Those that are here for the sole purpose of bragging rights, tabs, shooting people in the face, perceived lack of rules etc... are not true believers and not the model of why Green Berets are special. The Best Green Berets are those you have never heard of. There are E6's as well as SGM's that gained their rank and experience d uring GWOT kicking doors conducting DA, understand the application of Special Forces during the GWOT has been a corruption of our design and purpose. We went from being unique and special to door kicking, this is a misuse of our unique capabilities and should not be confused with our design and purpose.

Counterterrist units, Intelligence Units, Navy SOF, and other SOF units are not Special Forces they are Special Operations units. These units are Hyperconventional we are Unconventional they are better at what they specialize in not at what we do. In our area of expertise if a CounterTerrorism Unit were to attempt to kidnap, rescue or kill someone in our UW campaign area a UW unit would use it's underground sources for information, identify the intended targets and set traps for the CT force using deception tactics.

SOPC/SFPC has corrupted the SFAS selection process, part of the selection process is first drawing the right person to the job, the soldier would then through his own initiative and commitment prepare himself for SFAS. Once he arrives at Bragg the Selection course then tests the student through various events that are intended to push a soldier past his preparation training and peel back the onion of his character. Do not congratulate yourselves on getting selecting consider it a baby step into a much bigger world, selected does not mean you can "sham your way to a Green Beret" as one student stated.

We do not think you guys are funny when you write ridiculous crap on your bios this in our opinion is insight to your character and maturity.

Getting selected does not entitle you to an ego or a chip on your shoulder no matter what you are told. For every GB there are many others who are equal in ability and intelligence if not better with no desire to join Special Forces. Nothing we do is superhuman what we value above all else is the mission and the sense of brotherhood amongst like minded individuals. It is how we think and feel about what we do that seperates us from others, we are willing to tread into the unknown for an undetermined amount of time without accolades or recognition of any sort. We are loyal to our country and the people, we are more importantly loyal to the ideals of freedom "De Oppresson Liber" to liberate the oppressed is our motto and most of us believe in it.

The basics of Special Forces are contained in 3 phases, SUT, MOS, Robin Sage the rest is additional overblown training. The advanced schools do not make you a better Special Forces soldier they give you skills not talent. If you Master the basics and self educate the implied embedded skills you will be a great Green Beret. Their are alot of GB's who have never been to some of the advanced schools such as Sniper but know the skill better than those that have. It is your duty to be a true master of your MOS before you go to any advanced school. Going to HALO/HAHO, Scuba, Ranger, Sapper, Mountaineering not make you a competent Green Beret.

Read history, those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. The history of Unconventional Warfare is smattered throughout world history. Learn to recognize what UW is and why it is effective.

NCO's and Officers coming through training are expected to conduct yourselves according to your rank. Your conduct influences 18X-rays both positive and negative. Your conduct lead these young men even if you don't want the responsibility it is there, so don't complain or make excuses. We are watching the example you are setting and we will hold you accountable for your lack of positive leadership.

Read this and understand the future of the Regiment is more important to us than your desire to join. Not all of you are wired for this career and life. We would prefer you X-rays get experience before coming here to be trained so that you can appreciate the value of leadership and learn about the Army.

Good luck to all of you.
Great advice WD!! The Learn your MOS is something that most need to do, and then teach the rest of your ODA!!

Every ODA member should know all the weapons we use, not just the Bravos!!!
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