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Originally Posted by WarriorDiplomat View Post
Rome is falling and our leaders are happily making it happen for short term career gain.

I actually disagree...

The people you talk about are EXACTLY concerned about long term career gain.
A career in the miitary is short term. If you look at when Hillary Clinton was kicked off the watergate investigation for being an unethical lawyer, and apply it to a miitary caeer...

You could have joined the service right when she was getting kicked off of the investigation for being a lying, unethical lawyer. You could have had a child...

You could have had a successful career in the Army and retired back in the 90's.
...your child could have enlisted just before her husband was impeached.

Your child could be retiring from the Army right about now: Just as the same person that lied about her watergate investigation was busy lying to congress about her actions in the present day... the Secretary of State.

That child born as HRC was getting fired from her job for being a lying, unethical public servant, would start collecting his retirment about the same time that HRC was running for her OWN shot at presidential office (even though she is the same person that was ejected from a preseidential impeachment invesitgation for unethical behavior, that married a guy that got impeached)
...thats right- TWO unethical Clinton presidents in the White House at the same time.

...this type of shit isn't done for short term gain. These peope are experts at long-term politics. These people are worrying about the end game from the instant they throw their hat in the political ring.

...I can fuck up the military, piss on your traditions, wipe my ass with your espirit-de-corp, and still be home in time to accept a job as a defense consultant for three times the salary that I get paid now.
All because I played ball with the politicians while I was still in the Army.

Short term goal, career military service...
...long term goal, DCIA
...long term goal, head of the VA
...long term goal, Board of Directors for Siemens Government Systems, dealing arms internationally while quietly lobbying for stricter domestic gun control laws

This isn't short term gain my friend. This is a long term strategy for an end game play that is already in progress.
Making it look like a short term plan is all part of the illusion.
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...Hillary Klint0n is NOT my president

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