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Family benefits ?

Family benefits ?

Surely you jest.

Join Special Forces and you have an extremely high probability of getting divorced. Currently you will be deployed a year at a time with no end in sight. Watching your kids "grow up" will be the domain of your wife as you will be training or deployed. Your pay and housing will be shitty and no different than anyone else in the military with the same rank. (Well, except Air Force PJ's, they receive all the extra pays with 1/4 the deployments or danger.)

You will constantly be in harm's way, with crap pay and benefits for a left-leaning country that really doesn't give a shit whether you live or die. You will fight an "enemy" that the current administration refuses to name or engage decisively.
You will be armed with a $500 dollar rifle, body armor to do battle against religious zealots that the West has been fighting for over 2000 years. Your training will be the best in the world, but their numbers are never ending and they have the backing of their countries and people.

Your government will give you a clearance possibly a TSSCI like Hillary's but if you talk you will be arrested and placed in prison. You will be told to go to places and train people in ways that mirror islamic terrorist tactics, but your clearance demands you to not speaking a word about it.

You will visit countries that hate you just because you're an American and your "commanders" will tell you in whispers "not" to tell anyone you're an American because it might attract a islamic terrorist with a bomb, or a individual from Europe that will spit in your face because your an American soldier.

Benefits, yeah, if you are injured you'll get free medical care from any left-wing run VA that cares about you as much as the enemy you were facing. You will stand for hours waiting on your care watching other with no arms or legs and wonder if it was all worth it, especially for a nation that lowers it's flag to half mast for overdosing drug addicts and an administration that entertains convicted felons and islamic terrorist at the White House.

Benefits, if/when you are killed in some middle eastern or African shit hole the government will bury you free of charge with headstone, give your wife and kids a flag and someone will say "On behalf of the President of the United States, the United States Army and a grateful Nation, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one's honorable and faithful service." Trust me our "president" could give a shit about your death as he cares much more about his islamic brothers than you or your family. And a grateful nation, again, less than half are grateful the other 51% are manning the VA's administrations providing you and your family's care. The only ones that will give a shit if you are killed is your family and fellow soldiers.

If you are looking for government benefits join the IRS, EPA, FBI, DHS where you'll enjoy plenty of benefits up to and including get out of jail free cards, bonuses for knowingly screwing over disabled veterans, best healthcare you and your family can receive, unlimited tax-payer funded parties, promotions galore if you say your transgender and unlimited access to government female bathrooms!

Enjoy your 4th. And don't join Special Forces for the "family benefits".
"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where they are."
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