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Welcome to the real world. A little bit of searching and reading, as I suggested, would have provided you with the answer, and the opportunity to continue searching and posting here in the future.

There are at least SEVEN separate threads on LASIK before or after joining military service, if you had not been too lazy to seach for yourself. I referenced the definitive AR for medical clearance, to include vision, in one of the threads I advised you to read. This topic has been covered adequately for anyone with the energy to search. Fact: We do not need immature kids in SF who expect others to do their work for them.

You are also displaying the Situational Awareness of a rock by taking this tack with me, rather than rogering up and doing your own homework.

I have taken advantage of this opportunity to assess you and found you wanting, based on more than 20 years of SF experience, six of them dealing with students in the SFAS and SFQC. At this point, your parents are probably right to advise you to stay out. Try again in a few years when you have grown and matured, if you ever do.

You are correct in one way. It is easier to boot you than to continue this idiotic exchange with an argumentative kid who wants to be spoon-fed all of the answers. Good bye.

And have a very SF day.

Anyone else with a vision question might want to review the above before asking it.

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