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Originally Posted by Automatic View Post
My eyes are extremely bad; so bad, in fact, that I can't tell if the eye-doctor letter chart is even there (the one with the E on top). I'm currently wearing contacts, but want my eyes fixed before committing myself to SF.

Should I get it done on my own, or have the military do it? I don't know if there is even such a thing as "the military doing it", but I thought I'd ask in case they required a perfect surgery and had in-house doctors perform it. There would be nothing worse than having my eyes fixed on my own, only to find out he did it "wrong", and I should have waited for the military to do it.

Learn to use the Search button before starting new threads here. The stickies, "Read This", and Introduction threads are an excellent place to start.

The next time you post a question before searching will be unfortunate.

More reading, less posting. More PT, even better.

Good luck.

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