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Originally Posted by Texas
Hey guys, this is Texas. I am in the 10th grade and I want sf to be career. I have a question. I am wondering if, after college, I get 18x, serve on an ODA for about 5 years, then decide I want to be 18a. So if I went to OCS, then I would be at the needs of the army when commisioned as a 2nd Lt. At this time, could I serve in a ranger battalion? Also, after earning Captain, would I have the possibility to become an 18a, or would I end up with some desk job or office clerk? I would appreciate any facts and suggestions. THANK YOU.
With your complete lack of SITUATIONAL AWARENESS (SA). You will not be going very far at all!!

FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE, as requested when you registered, and then OPEN EARS and KEEP MOUTH SHUT, read all that is in here and then we may consider answering your questions!!!

Till then, you shall have the title of FTFSI!!! (Failed To Follow Simple Instructions!!)

Have a very SF Day!!
Martin sends.
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