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Man - I could write a book on Stripers. I grew up on Cape Cod and started catching them on a handline when I was about 8, (would handline a rig trolling off the back of a row boat).

Size limit back then was 16 inches and no limit on numbers. Saw the decline of the fishery through the '80's and '90's and the inch limit hit 36 inches with a one-keeper policy in Massachusetts. I was at JRTC at that time and would fish in LA and TX. Caught a monster Striper (possibly at Powell) one day and it was "only" 37 inches. Tossed it back as I thought it too small. The locals 'bout scalped me and ran me off.

I like to load up on Fly rod(s); spinning; trolling with mono and wire line and try to catch a striper on each. My favorite is jigging the rips off Monomoy (between Chatham and Nantucket). Have a GREAT time and a LOT of fun. However, the seals have moved in during the last 8-10 years and put a hurt on the fishery. I ended up selling my boat when last at Meade and haven't been up there to fish in few years.

The kids are old enough to want to go slay some fish up at Grandma's so next summer I'll pull out all the gear and head to the Cape to teach them some spinning and fly-fishing.

Absolutely great sportfish!!
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