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Not a doc but I USED TO get terrible back aches.
An ER doc gave an Intern a class on my back and she was kind of cute and obviously thought he was too and they were having a bonding experience that I realized neither wanted to end until the end of the shift and after that ... Well I wouldn't have been too surprised. Anyway, I started paying attention when he pulled my pants down and placed her hands on my butt.
"Feel that?" Says he.
"Oh yes Doctor. What is that?" (Glad she added the Doctor part cuz I knew what it was)
"Those are muscles and they run across the buttocks and they are in a spasm and can't relax and that throws everything else off and it just gets worse and worse. What he really needs is a good Sports Massage working on those muscles. "

Yeah, I got my hopes up but, alas. But I did get a referral to this Amazon with fingers like ten penny nails and elbows that could split granite. An hour and a half later, most of which hurt like hell I felt great. Really.
Now, I stretch and walk and run and lift with my knees and once a month I go see my big friend and well... Try it, it works for me.

But, if the CMT isn't making you wince you're wasting your time.

I am not a doctor. But two of them did rub my butt for about an hour in an ER once.
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