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I have found an answer to one of my questions. The jungle boots are compliant to AR 670-1 as long as they are in desert tan or coyote. They make a new enhanced version of the boot that only comes in coyote but I haven't tried it on to know which size to order. I will be going by my recruiter's office tomorrow to clarify some more details. I'll likely be ordering the new jungle boots in coyote and start breaking them in. Worst case, I'll just purchase a set or two of ACU's in the OCP.

As of today, boots are the least of my issues. I now have one recruiter telling my I have to reenlist 11B and I have another telling me 18X is still available. I don't mind going 11B and dropping a selection packet but I would absolutely love having Airborne and the SFPC under my belt before I start.

Thanks to all who have read this so far. I'll update tomorrow when I leave the recruiter's office.
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